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Gathered from YouTube, these are video reviews that are specifically about the Super Pet Crittertrail Discovery Deluxe Habitat. There are three different video reviews where people tell what they like and don’t like about this particular habitat.

What people like most about this hamster cage is:

  • Its oversized clear plastic door that makes it easy to get at your pet.
  • The traveling cage on top.
  • What people like least about this cage is:

  • Noisy exercise wheel
  • Leaky water bottle
  • Size is: 15-3/4-Inch long, 23-1/2-inch wide, 12-3/4-inch high




    Super Pet Crittertrail Discovery Deluxe Habitat

    Time: 14:41 (A bit long) Uploaded by MsAnimalsrule on Dec 27, 2010

    A nice review of the Deluxe Habitat and how it compares to her old cage, the CritterTrail 2-Level Habitat. Takes her time and shows you everything.

  • Excellent lighting
  • Hamster: Summer
  • 1:49 Benefits of a large door, especially compared to the Crittertrail 2
    4:00 Looking for her hamster
    4:30 Shows top of CT 2, which has a plastic piece broken off
    4:57 Latch on top part of Deluxe habitat as compared to CT 2
    5:20 Front latch on Deluxe habitat
    5:40 How travelling cage works
    9:00 Problem with attaching water bottle that comes with Deluxe habitat
    10:11 Narrator’s brother talks about his gerbil escaping from CT 2
    10:45 Narrator tells more CT2 hamster escape stories
    13:27 Problem with exercise wheel (too small for Syrian)
    14:04 Summer shows up for camera!

    Other notes: Shown connected to the Crittertrail 2 by a hamster tube

    Crittertrail Discovery Deluxe Review

    Time: 6:15 Uploaded by HamsterCareMT on Jun 17, 2010

    In this video, HamsterCareMT reviews her new Deluxe Habitat. She tells you the pros and cons.

  • Okay lighting, but picture is a little fuzzy. Camera is in fixed position until about 3:40 so in the beginning it’s hard to see inside the cage.
  • Hamster: Caramel
  • 1:23: Talks about features: water bottle, traveling cage
    2:35 Tells why she doesn’t use the 2nd floor shelf that comes with the cage
    2:50 Shows hamster tube
    4:12 Caramel uses the tube
    4:20 Silent wheel (Instead of one that came with the cage)
    4:45 Shows tubes to other cage
    4:55 Negatives about cage: Shelf not sturdy; water bottle leaks
    5:25 What she likes: Silent wheel (separate purchase), plenty of room, traveler cage, big door

    MY review on the Crittertrail Large Clear View Habitat

    Time: 5:34 Uploaded by DontHateTheHamsterz on Jan 23, 2011

    DontHateTheHamsterz shares her opinion about the Deluxe Habitat and shows close ups of a lot of the pieces.

  • Decent lighting, but dark in a couple of spots
  • Hamster: ????? (a Roborovski , but not shown)
  • 1:15 Actual review starts
    1:16 Demonstrates noisy wheel
    1:51 Water bottle (likes it)
    2:20 Food bowl (lots of room)
    2:55 2nd level
    3:35 Traveling cage
    4:00 Side snaps (thinks they’re good)
    4:32 Inside of cage (thinks it has lots of space)
    4:55 Thick plastic so hamster won’t chew it
    5:14 Ending comments on titles

    For more video reviews, read Hamster Tube Video Reviews.

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    Feb 192011

    I’ve looked through YouTube and picked out some of the best hamster videos that show off how people use their hamster tubes. None of these are the simple kind that fit inside a hamster cage. These are the tube set ups that GO CRAZY!

    Just remember, if you want to go this route you better have plenty of time to put the tubes together and even more time to take them apart and clean them.

    5 CRAzIeST Hamster Cages on YouTube! Tube Overload!

    Five different ways to connect tubes to cages. The last one is a collection of still picture showing how the tubes were put together. The person who shot this video also gives you a little description of how it was done with lnks to a basic cage and the tubes. You can see the same cages and tubes on the hamster cages and accessories page.

    Time: 1:49

    The following are three videos all by the same person: Part 1, 2, and 3.

    They are all slide shows showing still pictures of different hamster cages with tubes. FUN MUSIC plays in the background!

    Crazy Hamster Cages, Part 1!

    Time: 1:16

    Crazy Hamster Cages, Part 2!

    Also features cats closely observing the cages. Poor frightened roborovski!

    Time: about 3 minutes

    Crazy Hamster Cages, Part 3!

    More music and photos.

    Time: 2:18

    Tube overload!

    A quickie video. Shows the set up for two dwarf hamsters. The tubes go up down and around for one cage.

    Time: 41 seconds

    Hamster City Part 1

    A short video showing lots of tubes that go straight up in the air. Some tough climbing, especially for dwarf hamsters.

    Time: 51 seconds

    The Evolution of Ham-Tropolis

    Still pictures showing how one cage with tubes started and then just grew and grew!

    Music used is the Hamster Dance song.

    I think taking apart, cleaning, and putting back together this set up would take about a day.

    Time: 1:18

    Now go make your own hamster tube set up! hamster tubes


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