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If you are going to travel with your hamster, consider all the items you will need to bring to make the trip as comfortable as possible for your hamster. These include a cage, food, water and a medical kit. Also think about how you are going to travel as you’ll probably find that car travel is best.

Traveling by Car

The easiest way to transport your hamster is by car. That’s because a car is a much easier place for you to control the conditions which will make your hamster comfortable when traveling. Let’s look at the different key items you’ll need when you’re about to travel with your hamster by car.


Travel with a hamster

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The cage or carrier is the most important of all the items you have to bring. More than anything else, the traveling hamster cage has to be well-built, ventilated, and escape-proof.

You should avoid pet carriers made of cardboard as they are only good for temporary use. For instance, bringing your hamster home for the first time. No matter how solid they look, they are not made for anything but short trips.

The ideal material is plastic but it must be the durable type that will be difficult for your hammy to chew through. In addition, you should avoid all wire cages as they are not secure enough. What’s more, they are not accepted for air travel.

The cage should have a self-locking top or door. You may want to weigh down the top with something heavy so your hamster can’t pick the lock and get out. hamster travel cage

A one level hamster cage is best, but if your cage does has more than one level, take out any ladders and platforms so your hamster won’t try to climb around. One bump in the road and your hamster can have a bad fall from the second level of a cage.

Put bedding in the cage so your hamster can burrow if it gets scared. hamster bedding

And remember that your hamster likes a steady temperature so check your hamster if you turn on the car heater or AC. If you decide to open the car window you may want to cover the traveling cage so your hamster doesn’t get cold air blowing directly on him or her.

Finally, just as a precaution, get a label and attach it to the cage. Clearly write your hammy’s name, your name, address, and contact information. It is also a good idea to include your vet’s phone number in case of emergency. You should also add feeding instructions on the label.

Water and Food

When it comes to hamster travel, make sure to bring along your pet’s regular food and drink so its diet won’t be affected, especially if you’re going to be away from home for a while. The less change there is in your hamster’s diet, the less stressful the trip will be for your pet. hamster food

If you are not certain about where you can find the same pet food where you are headed, bring enough food and treats to last for the whole trip. Don’t forget to bring along sufficient water, too, because just like people, a hamster could develop an upset stomach if the water is different. It is also a good idea to bring disposable spoons and dishes for easy cleanup. Besides, these are very convenient utensils and can be purchased anywhere.

Keep in mind that cucumbers are mostly water. So a slice of cucumber in the traveling cage can provide both food and water.

Emergency Kit

It’s best to avoid complications during your trip so take along any medication that your vet prescribed for your hamster. In addition, your kit should include ear cleanups, cotton swabs and balls. And while you’re at it don’t forget to add a tick and flea spray or powder. This might seem like overkill but it is better to be safe than sorry.

To complete your hamster travel kit, get an envelope and put any medical records and medical information in it. Such information might not be needed, but you never know. Also include your vet’s name and contact number.

A brush or lint roller might also come in handy to clean your pet’s fur so it doesn’t make a mess in the hotel.

Travel by Plane

If you must travel with your hamster by plane, you should first check with the airline to see what its hamster travel policy is.

Most airlines will not allow you to carry your pet on the plane and be with you at your seat. Most airlines will insist that the hamster be put in the baggage compartment. That’s because they don’t want a hamster loose inside an airplane cabin where he or she could chew wires and cause a terrible accident. So there is a good reason for the airlines insisting that your hamster travel in the baggage compartment.

Your hamster will still have to be in a traveling cage that the airline might inspect to be sure that he or she cannot chew its way out. You’ll want to put some water in the cage, of course. As with car travel, you may want to put a slice of cucumber in there for liquid.

Also, airlines may not allow your animal to travel when the temperature is too cold or too hot in the baggage compartment.

If at all possible it is much easier for your hamster to travel by car than by plane. If you are moving a long distance away, think about giving your hamster to someone who will care for it and getting a new one when you reach your new home.


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