Aug 252013
Why Your Hamster Is Not Eating

You worry when your hamster won’t eat. Here are some of the common reasons your hamster is not eating and a few ideas for what you can do about it. Hoarding Hoarding is a typical hamster behavior. Your hammy will stuff its cheeks full of food then find what he or she thinks is a […]

Apr 142012
Why Do We Love Hamsters?

Whether we’re 10 or 70, we find hamsters fascinating. What is it about this charming little creature that makes us love it so? In my opinion it can be put into one word – cuteness. If you want the main reason for this cuteness, just look at a hammy’s face. The eyes are large and […]

Mar 192012
What to Do About Hamster Cage Bar Gnawing

When your pet hamster is left alone or every time you look in on it, do you notice that your hammy is gnawing on the wires of its hamster cage? This cage bar chewing could be a problem you need to fix. Hamster Gnawing Hamsters need to gnaw because their incisors are continually growing, like […]

Mar 162012
Why a Hamster Bin Cage?

Do you need a new living environment for your hamster? Are you tired of having to buy new hamster cages? Then a hamster bin cage may be your solution. It’s an affordable yet easy way to create a habitat for your hamster. To prepare this type of cage for your hamster, all you need is […]

Feb 092012
My Advice – Don’t Breed Hamsters!

My advice, before you even read any further, is not to breed hamsters. It will take a lot of your time and attention and can become costly when you need extra cages and food. Also, you’re going to have to deal with a litter of from 4 to 20. Each of those pups is going […]