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A hamster cage should help make your hamster feel safe and secure. When your hamster feels safe, he or she will sleep, run, and play comfortably. But there are possible dangers in a hamster cage. So keep these in mind when you plan and set up your hamster’s cage.


Hamsters have poor eyesight. Their sense of hearing and smell are great, but they can only see a few inches (cm) in front of their nose.
hamster cage
So, if your hamster cage has ladders going up to high ledges and your hamster looks over the edge it cannot see where the bottom of the cage is. This means your hamster can fall from an upper level of a cage. Because of its size, a fall like that for a hamster can mean broken bones or worse. If you use a tall cage, place one ledge below the edge of the ledge above it, so it will break your hamster’s fall.

Falling can also be a problem if your hamster is on your shoulder and you are walking around. If your hamster decides to jump off, falling to the floor can also be disastrous. So when playing with your hamster, stay close to the ground.


Hamsters need space to move around it. They like to explore and create separate spaces for nesting, storing food, and going to the bathroom. You can have a problem if you put too many things in hammy’s cage. For example, if you begin with a small cage, then put in an exercise wheel, a nesting box, toys, and tubes, pretty soon your hamster won’t have much room to run around in.

This can cause a number of problems for your hamster. First, if your hamster feels it doesn’t have enough separate areas in its cage, it will start using the same space for food, sleeping, and its toilet. Everything then starts smelling. The bedding can become infected. And finally, this contamination can hurt your hamster’s health. causing wet tail or respiratory diseases.

In addition, if he or she feels confined, your hamster may start to slow down, get bored, and can even go into early hibernation.

Cage Location

If you do not put your hamster cage in a good location , it can cause harm to your hamster.hamster cage

You hamster needs good ventilation. That means moving air that’s not too cold and not too hot. If a cage is located near an open window or air conditioner, the cage can get too drafty which can result in your hamster catching a cold. Because hot air rises, putting a cage on a floor can also mean a cage that’s too cold for your hamster.

On the other hand, putting your hamster cage too near a heater or fireplace can give your hamster heatstroke. Your hamster can also get heatstroke and dehydration if living in a cage that’s getting direct sunlight.

Wire Exercise Wheels

An exercise wheel that it made of wire or metal spokes or bars can be dangerous for a hamster. As you know, your hamster will be running quite fast in his or her exercise wheel. If the bars are wire, the hamster’s toe or foot could catch in the wire. This can result in your hamster breaking its leg.

For other hamster dangers, read Dangers Outside Your Hamster Cage.


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