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There are some positives that you should know about when you’re thinking about buying plastic and wire combination hamster cage. Let’s look at them.
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Exciting Colors: The plastic parts of these cages come in colors that make them very attractive. Typical colors are yellow, red, and green. But there are also purple and blue cages, and some are even pink. Even the parts that come with the cage kits are made of bright colors. Looking at your hamster as he or she runs around the cage and climbing tubes can make it a lot more fun to watch your hamster when it plays.

hamster cage kit
Complete Kits: Most of these type habitats come in a box as one big kit. They usually include a food bowl, an exercise wheel, and a water bottle. Some of them have bags with food, bedding, and even some hamster potty litter. What this means is that you get everything in one box and you don’t have to buy a lot of separate pieces. If you’re just getting your first hamster, it makes this kind of cage very convenient.

Hamster Tubes: Many of these cages have holes that let you add hamster tubes to them. That means you can expand your cage by adding different climbing tubes. You can connect to another cage to give your hamster more room, or you can build complex mazes outside the cage with all the different tubes. If you want to look at how you can put different tube mazes together be sure to click on Hamster Tube Video Reviews.
hamster cage

Many Choices: When you’re looking for these kits at Amazon or your local pet store, you’re going to have a lot of different choices. These cages come in one story, two-story, and three-story sizes. They can come with an exercise wheels and climbing tubes. Some even come with a little carrying kit that’s part of the cage. This is great because you know you’re not going to be stuck with one choice. You get to look around and pick something that you really like to look at.

Easy to Put Together: For some of these hamster cages you just have to attach the wire middle to the bottom base with large clips and then just snap on the top. The cages that come with a hamster tubes are sometimes more difficult to put together.

For the negatives about this cage, read Plastic and Wire Hamster Cage Negatives.


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  1. Great hamster cages here 🙂 love the cute little hamster sticking his head out of the top of the first one, lol

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