Feb 252011
Aquarium Tank Topper Review Summary

You can add this wire tank topper to the top of a 10 gallon aquarium to add space to your hamster’s home. Here are the pluses and minuses. Pluses The topper includes a wire cage top, food dish, water bottle, a hideout house, shelves and ramps. It comes with two clips to attach the wire […]

Aug 042010
What You Should Feed Your Hamster

Hamsters like variety in their diet. It keeps them both healthy and happy. Feeding your hamster the range of food it needs means providing dry food, fruits and vegetables, the occasional treat, and, of course, water. Dry Food Dry food is where your hammy will get most of its nutrition. Here’s what should be in […]

Aug 102009
Inside Hamster Cages: Bedding and Water Bottle

What are the most important things that should be inside hamster cages? When your hamster is living in his or her cage you want to be sure they have everything they need to run, eat, sleep and give you hours of viewing pleasure. To do this, you need: Bedding Water bottle or dish Exercise wheel […]