Jun 242011
Look For Hamster Overgrown Teeth or Nails

Two particular problems that even normally healthy hamsters can get are overgrown teeth and overgrown nails. These are hamster health problems that you can help prevent by carefully observing your hamster. Here’s what to look for and what to do about these hamster health issues. Overgrown teeth causes If you look inside your hamster’s mouth, […]

Feb 162011
Before Your Buy Hamster Tubes

Hamster tubes, those round, colorful, plastic parts, can provide your hamster with great fun and exercise. As part of your hamster cage , you can put together climbing tubes, compartments, and other segments, in many different ways. They can go horizontally, straight up, around curves, and even loop-d-loops. How you arrange them is up to […]

Dec 292009
Types of Hamsters

When it comes to hamsters sold as pets, there is one “large” type hamster and four “small” or dwarf-type hamsters. These five types of hamsters include: Syrian/Golden Dwarf Winter White Russian Dwarf Campbell’s Russian Roborovski Chinese Hamsters are part of the rodent family, along with mice and rats. But hamsters are the most popular for […]