Jan 212010
Finding a Lost Hamster Using the 4 Ls: Lock, Look, Listen, Lure

Most hamster owners have a story about how their hamster got away. Maybe it escaped from its cage or maybe it just jumped out of your hands and took off running. It’s not that your hammy doesn’t love you. It’s just that hamsters like to run and burrow – that’s their nature. So to them […]

Jan 212010
Preventing Hamster Escapes

Where’s my hamster? What hamster owner hasn’t said that at least once? Usually, your hammy will be hiding in its cage – in some tube, under some toy, or deep in its bedding. But hamsters are explorers and if given the chance, they will get out of their cage and investigate their surroundings. We call […]

Aug 212009
Hamster Cage Location Considerations: Temperature, Noise, Safety

Where should you put your hamster cage? Although some people will say put it anywhere you like, you should keep the following considerations in mind: Cage Temperature Noise Hamster Safety Temperature Hamsters may be rodents, but they are as responsive to heat and cold as we are. If a hamster gets too hot he or […]