Feb 182014
Not Too Cold, Not Too Hot – The Just Right Hamster Climate

Hamster history tells us that some hamsters, such as the Syrian hamster, had a native habitat that was warm and dry. Other hamsters, such as the Djungarian, originated in a cold weather habitat such as Siberia. But domesticated, pet hamsters don’t really favor climates that are too hot or too cold. Instead, hamsters prefer to […]

Mar 162011
Plastic and Wire Hamster Cage Negatives

Combination hamster cages made of plastic and wire have some negatives associated with them. You have to think about these before buying this type of hamster cage. Size: Many of the basic one-story plastic and wire combination hamster habitats will not have enough space for a normal sized Syrian or Teddy Bear hamster. The plastic […]

Feb 252011
Using an Aquarium for your Hamster Cage

If you have one Syrian hamster, or a pair of dwarf hamsters, an aquarium is a good choice for a hamster cage. The glass or plastic 10 or 20 gallon fish tank offers a lot of benefits including visibility, safety, and cleanliness. Visibility Since aquariums are glass or plastic on all sides, it’s easy to […]

Jul 302010
Dangers Outside Your Hamster Cage

When you take your hamster out of its cage it’s important that you keep an eye out for possible dangers that can result in injury to your hamster. Think about each of the following when your hammy is out. Water You may have seen the cute YouTube videos that show hamsters swimming. DON’T DO IT! […]

Jul 302010
Hazards Inside Your Hamster Cage

A hamster cage should help make your hamster feel safe and secure. When your hamster feels safe, he or she will sleep, run, and play comfortably. But there are possible dangers in a hamster cage. So keep these in mind when you plan and set up your hamster’s cage. Falling Hamsters have poor eyesight. Their […]