Aug 252013
Why Your Hamster Is Not Eating

You worry when your hamster won’t eat. Here are some of the common reasons your hamster is not eating and a few ideas for what you can do about it. Hoarding Hoarding is a typical hamster behavior. Your hammy will stuff its cheeks full of food then find what he or she thinks is a […]

Jun 242011
Look For Hamster Overgrown Teeth or Nails

Two particular problems that even normally healthy hamsters can get are overgrown teeth and overgrown nails. These are hamster health problems that you can help prevent by carefully observing your hamster. Here’s what to look for and what to do about these hamster health issues. Overgrown teeth causes If you look inside your hamster’s mouth, […]

Aug 042010
Hamster Feeding Habits

Hamsters like to eat – and they are fun to watch eating. Here are a few facts about hamster feeding habits. How Hamsters Eat Hamsters like to explore. And that’s true with their food, also. When you first put out their food, they will usually run right out and check out what’s in the food […]

Aug 042010
What You Should Feed Your Hamster

Hamsters like variety in their diet. It keeps them both healthy and happy. Feeding your hamster the range of food it needs means providing dry food, fruits and vegetables, the occasional treat, and, of course, water. Dry Food Dry food is where your hammy will get most of its nutrition. Here’s what should be in […]