Feb 182011
Setting up Your Hamster Tubes

There are some steps you should take when you want to let your hamster loose to play inside hamster tubes. Plan Plan the layout of your tubes before you start to build them. If you build first, you may find you don’t have enough space for the tubes. The tube layout will depend on how […]

Feb 172011
Hamster Tube Tips

When added to your hamster cage, those colorful hamster tubes can be a lot of fun for your hamster. But keep these tips in mind when you’re planning your climbing tube mazes. Connecting the Tubes When you’re putting your hamster tubes together, you want them to fit together tightly – but not so tight you […]

Feb 162011
Before Your Buy Hamster Tubes

Hamster tubes, those round, colorful, plastic parts, can provide your hamster with great fun and exercise. As part of your hamster cage , you can put together climbing tubes, compartments, and other segments, in many different ways. They can go horizontally, straight up, around curves, and even loop-d-loops. How you arrange them is up to […]