Mar 192012
What to Do About Hamster Cage Bar Gnawing

When your pet hamster is left alone or every time you look in on it, do you notice that your hammy is gnawing on the wires of its hamster cage? This cage bar chewing could be a problem you need to fix. Hamster Gnawing Hamsters need to gnaw because their incisors are continually growing, like […]

Mar 212011
What’s the Right Size for a Hamster Cage?

A critical question to ask when you’re getting a new hamster is “What size cage should I buy for my hamster?” Size is important because hamsters are active pets – especially at night. They like to run, climb, play with their toys, and burrow. All this activity means they have to have space in their […]

Aug 102009
Inside Hamster Cages: Exercise Wheel, Toys, Food

The first article about what goes inside a hamster cage was about bedding and water bottles. The other important things to be sure are inside your hamster cage are: Exercise wheel Exercise ball Toys Food bowls Exercise Wheel Hamsters like to run any where from 3 to 6 miles (4 to 9 km) every day. […]