Nov 132011
Tips for Choosing a Healthy Hamster

Maybe your hamster has finished his or her time here and gone on to Hamster Heaven. Or maybe you’re thinking about getting a hamster as a present for your kids. You probably want the new hamster to be the cutest little hammy in the bunch. But all hammies are cute! What you want is a […]

Jun 242011
Look For Hamster Overgrown Teeth or Nails

Two particular problems that even normally healthy hamsters can get are overgrown teeth and overgrown nails. These are hamster health problems that you can help prevent by carefully observing your hamster. Here’s what to look for and what to do about these hamster health issues. Overgrown teeth causes If you look inside your hamster’s mouth, […]

Aug 162010
What Supplies To Use for Cleaning Your Hamster Cage

If you’re like most hamster owners, you clean your hamster cage about once a week. But before you start you need to gather all the cage cleaning supplies. Here’s what you’ll need and why: Bucket or sink filled with mild soap and hot water. This is where you’ll drop the parts of your hamster cage […]

Aug 162010
Easy Steps to Clean Your Hamster Cage

If you can smell the bedding in your hamster cage, it’s definitely time to clean it. But really, you should do the cleaning before it starts to smell. The typical hamster cage should be cleaned about once a week. If it’s a larger cage, you may be able to wait about 10 days. If you […]