Jun 222011
Connecting Tubes Extend the Hamster Habitat

Hamster behaviors are appealing and building a hamster habitat with connecting tubes only make those antics more fascinating. In their natural environment hamsters live in burrows with winding tunnels connecting to small chambers. Hamster connecting tubes are plastic or acrylic passageways that emulate this environment by linking together different parts of the hamster habitat into […]

Mar 292011
Crittertrail Discovery Deluxe Habitat Video Reviews

Gathered from YouTube, these are video reviews that are specifically about the Super Pet Crittertrail Discovery Deluxe Habitat. There are three different video reviews where people tell what they like and don’t like about this particular habitat. What people like most about this hamster cage is: Its oversized clear plastic door that makes it easy […]

Mar 212011
What’s the Right Size for a Hamster Cage?

A critical question to ask when you’re getting a new hamster is “What size cage should I buy for my hamster?” Size is important because hamsters are active pets – especially at night. They like to run, climb, play with their toys, and burrow. All this activity means they have to have space in their […]

Mar 162011
Plastic and Wire Hamster Cage Negatives

Combination hamster cages made of plastic and wire have some negatives associated with them. You have to think about these before buying this type of hamster cage. Size: Many of the basic one-story plastic and wire combination hamster habitats will not have enough space for a normal sized Syrian or Teddy Bear hamster. The plastic […]

Mar 162011
Plastic and Wire Hamster Cage Positives

There are some positives that you should know about when you’re thinking about buying plastic and wire combination hamster cage. Let’s look at them. Exciting Colors: The plastic parts of these cages come in colors that make them very attractive. Typical colors are yellow, red, and green. But there are also purple and blue cages, […]