Mar 052014
Traveling with Your Hamster

If you are going to travel with your hamster, consider all the items you will need to bring to make the trip as comfortable as possible for your hamster. These include a cage, food, water and a medical kit. Also think about how you are going to travel as you’ll probably find that car travel […]

Feb 182014
Not Too Cold, Not Too Hot – The Just Right Hamster Climate

Hamster history tells us that some hamsters, such as the Syrian hamster, had a native habitat that was warm and dry. Other hamsters, such as the Djungarian, originated in a cold weather habitat such as Siberia. But domesticated, pet hamsters don’t really favor climates that are too hot or too cold. Instead, hamsters prefer to […]

Mar 162012
Why a Hamster Bin Cage?

Do you need a new living environment for your hamster? Are you tired of having to buy new hamster cages? Then a hamster bin cage may be your solution. It’s an affordable yet easy way to create a habitat for your hamster. To prepare this type of cage for your hamster, all you need is […]

Jan 092012
The 2 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Choosing a Hamster Cage

So you want to buy a new hamster cage for your lovable little hammy. When you’re in your local pet store standing in front of the shelves with hamster cages you’re faced with a lot of choices. You have even more choices when you’re online. Here are two typical mistakes you want to avoid when […]

Jun 232011
Hamster Tube Mazes Add Twists and Turns to Your Hamster Cage

Hamster tube mazes can help your pet maintain a healthy weight, fight boredom, and are fun to build. Your hamster will spend many hours inside its hamster cage; and while this may guarantee it is safe, it is not very fun. A hamster will be happier if you provide a maze of tubes or attach […]