Apr 112014
Hamster Hair and Colors

Hamster hair (or hamster fur) and hamster colors come in a wide variety because there are so many different species of hamsters. However, the five most popular species as pets are: the Syrian, Winter White Russian Dwarf (Djungarian), Campbell’s Russian Dwarf, Roborovski and the Chinese. Let’s look at the hair and color of each type […]

Apr 142012
Why Do We Love Hamsters?

Whether we’re 10 or 70, we find hamsters fascinating. What is it about this charming little creature that makes us love it so? In my opinion it can be put into one word – cuteness. If you want the main reason for this cuteness, just look at a hammy’s face. The eyes are large and […]

Feb 062012
What Are the Parts of a Hamster Body?

It’s useful to understand the hamster anatomy. When you are choosing a hamster cage and when planning what’s inside the hamster habitat it’s helpful to know how a hamster is put together. Knowing about the hamster body also tells you something about hamster behavior and lets you know where to start looking for hamster illness. […]