Mar 052014
Traveling with Your Hamster

If you are going to travel with your hamster, consider all the items you will need to bring to make the trip as comfortable as possible for your hamster. These include a cage, food, water and a medical kit. Also think about how you are going to travel as you’ll probably find that car travel […]

Jan 062012
Will You Be a Good First Time Hamster Owner?

So you’re thinking about bringing home a new pet hamster. Congratulations! Hamsters make great pets. They are absolutely the cutest and cuddliest little animals around. They are clean, they like to play and run, and they have very short tales, so you won’t mistake them for a rat or mouse. For adults, they are an […]

Jun 092010
Types of Hamster Bedding Material

Hamsters are known for their burrowing. So if you have a hamster cage, you will need bedding material that lets your hamster burrow and make a nest in which he or she can sleep. Of course, bedding material has another use – that’s to absorb the urine that your hamster will produce. You’ll need about […]

Aug 102009
Inside Hamster Cages: Bedding and Water Bottle

What are the most important things that should be inside hamster cages? When your hamster is living in his or her cage you want to be sure they have everything they need to run, eat, sleep and give you hours of viewing pleasure. To do this, you need: Bedding Water bottle or dish Exercise wheel […]